Shoe Shopping the Shopbop sale

Shopbop sale

I’m honestly not exaggerating when I tell you the Shopbop sale is the highlight of my week so far. No, seriously: it is.

This has been a particularly stressful week for me (Yes, I know it’s still only Tuesday), and it’s only going to get worse, so a bit of fantasy shoe shopping is just what the doctor ordered. OK, not really, and it’s probably not a good idea to try and shoe shop my stress away either, as tempting as it, so I’m going to let you do it for me. As I said, the sale starts today, and will run until March 4th. You can get up to 25% off on both full-price and sale items, and all you need to do is enter the code GOBIG17 at checkout. Got it? Then off you go and shop the sale

shoes in the Shopbop sale

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