Sophia Webster ‘Leah’ Iridescent Bow Sandal

Sophia Webster irridescent bow sandals

Sophia Webster irridescent bow sandals

Sophia Webster ‘Leah’ iridescent bow sandals, £293

These shoes are completely and utterly ridiculous in every possible way, so naturally I love them. Sophia Webster’s shoes tend to divide opinion, and I know a lot of my readers find them to be just too much, but I think they’re so fanciful and imaginative that I can’t help but like them.

Purple and orange aren’t two colours I would generally consider wearing together – in fact, orange is a colour I wouldn’t normally consider wearing AT ALL. The iridescent stiletto heel helps tie the two together here, though, and I think the semi-transparent bow is delicate enough for the colour to work. The shape of these, meanwhile, is fantastic, and I particularly love the giant, two-layered bow, which creates an extravagant, fairy-tale kind of feel.

As far as styling these shoes goes, I suspect that transparent upper will make it an easier job than you might think, but as I see it, you basically have two choices: you either play the shoes down, with something very simple (jeans, say, or a little black/white dress), or you play them UP, with something as whimsical as they are. In real life, I’d go for the first option, but as this ISN’T real life, I’m going to go for the second option, with this purple Zandra Rhodes dress:

what to wear with purple and orange shoes

What to wear with purple and orange shoes:

Dress // Clutch // Lipstick // Bracelet

OK, the orange clutch is probably overkill. In fact, it’s ALL probably overkill, but like I said: you can always go for that little black dress!


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