Charlotte Olympia ‘Leading Lady’ glitter platform sandals

silver sandals with cameo brook on the  toe

Rita Hayworth brooch on shoes

Charlotte Olympia ‘Leading Lady’ sandals, £659

Like the last pair of shoes I showed you, these sandals have a face on the toe. UNLIKE the last pair of shoes, however, these ones are mostly fabulous, with just a hint of whimsy, in that they have a cameo brooch on the front, with a picture of Rita Hayworth on it.

What’s Rita Hayworth doing on a pair of sandals, I hear you ask? That’s a question you’d have to ask Charlotte Olympia, but these ARE called ‘Leading Lady’, so I guess it makes sense they’d have an ACTUAL leading lady as part of the design, no?

As for the design itself, I love it. The glittered leather upper is show-stopping, and although the brooch and bauble DO give these a touch of tackiness, I actually think it works: these shoes look like they’ve been playing dress-up with their mother’s jewellery, and I somehow find that endearing. I will leave it up to you to insert comments about the shape of the platform and how much you hate it: we’re agreeing to disagree on that one…

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  • Hmm. Not bad. Nearly straddling the border between tacking and fabulous…on the right girl and on the right night – these could be incredible. There is risk involved, however. And the potential for looking a bit tacky or desperate to impress is certainly there.

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