KG Kurt Geiger ‘Hearts’ sandals

KG Kurt Geiger 'hearts' sandals

Kurt Geiger Hearts strappy sandals

Kurt Geiger ‘Hearts’ sandals

I know I just showed you a pair of Kurt Geiger sandals earlier in the week, but the ‘new in’ section of their website is just overflowing with beautiful shoes right now, so I couldn’t resist one more – for now, at least!

These sandals actually aren’t something I’d have thought I would like, if you’d just tried to describe them to me, say, without showing me the photo. Words on shoes tend not to be something I’m very keen on (No matter what the ext says, it always reminds me a little of that time in the 90s/00s when everything had to have a highly-visible designer logo on it somewhere, or it just wasn’t fit to be worn!), so I probably wouldn’t have liked the sound of the ‘Queen of Hearts’ stamped ribbons attached to these nude patent sandals.

I’m not sure I’d have loved the sound of the hearts on the heels, either: yes, I do love hearts on shoes (a little too much, if the truth be told…), but I generally tend to stick to embellishment on the toes only, or it starts straying dangerously close to ‘novelty shoe’ territory for me: and you all know how I feel about THAT.

I might not have liked the SOUND of these, however, but I DO like the LOOK of them, slightly to my surprise. And, OK, I wouldn’t be too sad if the ribbons were blank, true, but I actually think everything about these comes together really well, creating a slightly more fashion-forward spin on the strappy sandal, and one that I’d be more than happy to give a try. As the uppers here are nude, I also think they’d be really easy to style, too: I mean, what CAN’T you wear with nude shoes, right?

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