Ted Baker black and white ‘Appolini’ sandals

Ted Baker black and white 'Appolini' sandals

These shoes look like they’re all dressed up for a black tie event, don’t they? Or is it just me that looked at them and instantly thought of a tuxedo?

Whatever they make you think of, there’s no denying these are very cute – and very typically ‘Ted Baker’ with all of those bows on the front. This is one brand that loves bows almost as much as I do, and that’s just one of the reasons I like them – both the brand itself, and these shoes in particular. One of the reasons for the shoe love is that black-and-white upper: it’s so simple, but always so striking, and it makes shoes that use this colour way really easy to style, too. My own inclination is normally to wear monochrome shoes with equally monochrome outfits – I can never resist the simplicity of that particular pairing – but for those who love bright colours, these will look just as good with those, too, with jewel tones working particularly well with them.

Another great thing about shoes like these – and evening shoes in general, I find – is that they should be the kind of thing you’ll have in your closet for years. Although I love the look of dress shoes, and am always tempted to splurge on them, the relatively small amount of use they get every years means they last forever, and don’t often need to be replaced: that’s not good news if you’re a shoe addict looking for an excuse to top-up your collection, obviously, but it IS good news if you’re trying to save some money, or are just running out of storage space!

These shoe are available at Spartoo, and are £130.

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