ShoeperWoman’s Favourite Shoes of 2013

ShoeperWoman's Favourite Shoes of 2013

Good morning, Shoeper Shoe Lovers!

It’s the Monday before Christmas Eve, so I’m not sure how many of you will be online today, so, rather than hunt down some new pairs of shoes which you might miss (and which you won’t have time to order before Christmas, anyway), I thought I’d take a look back of some of my very favourite shoes of 2013.

In the gallery below, and in no particular order, you’ll find my own personal favourites: some of them I bought, some of them I just WANTED to buy, and some of them I classed as Shoe Kryptonite, and was afraid to ever look at again, unless the temptation became too much. And yes, I DO like red. More than even I realised, apparently.

I’ve added a caption on each of these with the name of the brand or designer, but as you’re browsing the gallery, bear in mind that this post is a retrospective of the entire year, so not all of these shoes will still be available. Oh, and if you’ve noticed the glaring omission of Christian Louboutin from the list, don’t worry: there’ll be another post soon, dedicated just to him!

Gallery: ShoeperWoman’s Favourite Shoes of 2013

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