Heroes or Villains? Karen Millen’s extravagant frill court shoes

My first thought upon seeing these Karen Millen court shoes was that they were a couple of little punks, what with all that mohawk action going on at the back there. And of course, they’re not even remotely punk-like (they’re white stiletto court shoes, after all), but that’s really all I can think of now when I see them. It’s as if they have FACES.  Moving on…

The “extravagant ruffle” that gives these their name is just TOO extravagant for me, and I find myself wishing they’d head to the hairdresser and get themselves a buzz cut. Aaaand, there I go thinking of them as people again. Must. Stop. That.

What do you think of these, readers? Heroes or Villains? Or… punks?


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