Shoe Save # 39/75: Busted

WHAT: Charlotte Russe gold wedges
WHEN: Sometime in late July/early August 2011
WHERE: I… honestly can’t remember
WITH: Blazer and belt (New Look), dress (H&M).

So, I wasn’t going to show you these photos. They were taken at the end of the day, my hair was a mess, my forehead was shiny, my makeup had started to slide off my face… I just hated them. So I figured I’d just wear the shoes again some other day, and take a different, hopefully better, set of photos.

Well, that day didn’t come, and looking at the weather forecast, it really doesn’t look like it’s going to. Folks, I am in trouble here, with the shoe saving. It has rained steadily for almost two weeks now. It shows no sign of stopping. The schools here started back today, signalling the end of the summer, and the start of even worse weather  than we’ve had so far. I have TEN PAIRS of summer shoes still left to save. Oh. My. God.

Anyway. Here I am, on a random day earlier this summer, when it was obviously a little warmer than it is now. And here at the shoes, which were from Charlotte Russe last summer, and are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own.

Now, how on EARTH am I going to get through ten pairs of summer shoes when it won’t stop raining?


    • Thank you, lovely – you know how you just sometimes get “those” days? I seem to have been having loads of them lately, hence the lack of Shoe Saves – I need to get my act together!

  • Same problem here: we haven’t had a real summer so for, so I also need to save more then 10 pairs of summer shoes in rainy weather… :S

  • I feel for ya (myslef having something like 20 pairs of summer shoes to get through and honestly, the weather almost always sucks here too!)

  • September can usually be guaranteed to deliver a few sunny Scottish days – because I’m always out of the country on holiday then!

  • You can come visit me here in Florida and wear the last 10 pairs!!! I promise that even if it rains, you’ll be ale to wear them because it stays hot.

  • The somewhat questionable rule I have invented for my challenge is that as long as you make it as far as the letterbox you can class the shoes as ‘worn’. I used this rule on a pair of satin peeptoe heels that I wore on a day when I was sick to cheer myself up. Checked the mail, so therefore they are safe!

    So, on your at home doing work days, just rock out the summer heels and check the mail!

    Oh and I love that blazer – have one similar but have been uninspired lately so thanks for the reminder that blazers like this are awesome!

  • When I saw your picture I thought “lovely hair and lovely makeup!” and then you said you didn’t like them? You look so beautiful! I loved the sandals too, and as a suggestion, I would say throw 10 parties and wear the shoes at your own parties, indoors!

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