Five on Friday

In a change to the usual format, this week’s Five on Friday features five random items I reeeaaallly want to buy. Starting with…

fluid trench coat


I have trench coats in every shape and colour… but I don’t have a pink one. Or a fluid/waterfall one. So this one would be totally justified, right? Speaking of trench coats, I did actually order the H&M one I featured in this post, but sadly it had to go back, because it turned out to have giant splits down each side, which I hadn’t noticed in the product shot. As you can see, though, I haven’t stopped looking for a replacement…


Office nude patent high heels

Why is it that the simplest shoes are always the hardest to find? I feel like I’ve been searching for a pair of classic stilettos forever, so when I found these ones at office – and then discovered that they come in tons of different colours, I immediately bookmarked all of them. Well, you can never have too many pairs of classic pumps, can you?


Warehouse lace collar jumper

I have some giant holes in my closet where knitwear is concerned, and really need to stock up on some go-with-anything sweaters. I really like this one from Warehouse, which has a neutral colour, but a pretty little lace collar, to make it a little more interesting.

Speaking of lace…


Zara lace midi dress

No, I have no idea where I’d wear it. When a dress is this pretty, AND this affordable, though, do you really need a reason?

Finally, and also from Warehouse (who are absolutely killing it this season, seriously…):


bright blue prom skirt

I love everything about this skirt: colour, texture, price… I even like the price, which is a reasonable-sounding £55. It’s not often that all of the shopping starts align like that: maybe I should take it as a sign?

Have a shoeper weekend, everyone!

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