The Fashion Police Five Under Fifty: ASOS shoes

ASOS shoes

Over at my other blog, The Fashion Police, we’re running a weekly “Five Under Fifty” feature, the aim being – yes, you guessed it – to pick out five stylish items, all under £50 (about $80).

For Shoeperwoman, I had intended to select five pairs of shoes from different retailers, but my first stop was, and, well, I discovered I need look no further. In fact, I could probably have got a couple of pairs and still been in budget.

Here are my Five Under Fifty:

asos secret wedges

ASOS Secret wedges, £40

Not the most exciting shoes you’ll ever see, granted, but I’ve been looking for a pair of low, nude wedges with a closed toe for months now, and these check all of those boxes, whilst only costing £40. They look a bit odd in the photo, but I think they’d be perfect for those days when you want the shoes to just blend in and let the outfit do the talking.

ASOS Scala red high heels

ASOS Scala red high heel shoes, £25

£25, for the kind of classic red courts you could wear anywhere, with anything? Sold!

ASOS Portia

ASOS ‘Portia’ court shoes with bow, £45

I’ve had these shoes on my “to blog” list for a while now, and still can’t quite make my mind up about them. Either that bow is just too big and floppy for its own good, or it’s just right. Thoughts?

 asos prop pointed platforms

ASOS ‘Prop’ polka dot platforms, £50

I’m cheating a little here, because I’ve actually shown you these shoes before. I’m showing you them again, though, because while I don’t think they’d be the easiest shoes in the world to style (In fact, perhaps I should make them part of a Shoeper Style Challenge?), with the right outfit, they could just be amazing, don’t you think?

asos proper pointed platforms

ASOS ‘Proper’ pointed platforms, £50

I didn’t actually set out to find a selection of pale-coloured shoes for this post, but it seems to have happened anyway. ASOS’s ‘Proper’ pumps are another pair that have been on my radar for a while now: I live that pink/gold mix!

And there you have it: five pairs of shoes, all under £50!

If you’d like to take part in The Five Under Fifty (and get a link back from in the process), you can click here to read more about it, and add your blog to the list!

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