Red and pink bow platform peep toes from Primark

red and pink bow platform shoes from Primark

There’s a massive Primark opening in my town later this year. This is a very, very bad thing for me, because it means I’ll be destined to be forever “popping in” for something simple like a t-shirt or a pair of tights, and then leaving an hour later, absolutely laden down with things I didn’t even know I “needed” until I saw the price tag . I’m going to try to resist that impulse, I promise. Shoes like these ones, however, will put me sorely to the test: they’re in that red and pink combination which I’ve been loving so much recently, they have a generously-sized bow, a generally cute shape… and they’re only £12. It’ll take all of my Shoeper Powers to resist…

Rumour has it that Primark will be launching an ecommerce website sometime next year. Until then, I’m afraid you’ll have to visit a store in person if you want to check these out!


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