Shoeper Shopping: Primark March 2012

mint green stiletto shoes

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already seen my latest shoe purchase, in the shape of these mint green peep toes, which I picked up in Primark at the weekend for all of £12. I’ve wanted a pair of mint coloured shoes for ages now, so when I saw the price, and that there was only one pair left in my size, there was really no question of whether or not they’d be coming home with me!

mint green shoes

These are my usual size 4, and the sizing seems true to size, maybe even on the generous side, so although I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, I don’t anticipate any problems. Being £12, they’re obviously not leather, but the quality is pretty good for the price so I’m sure they’ll “do me a turn”, as my mum would say. (They were also available in nude, if anyone’s interested.)

While I was in the shoe department, I figured it would be rude not to take a look at the rest of the wares: these photos were snapped really quickly with my phone, because I was in a rush, and the store was packed, but I was quite taken with these little nautical wedges:

nautical wedges

These were actually nicer in real life – the angle they’re lying at here doesn’t really show off the wedge properly. They only had one pair, and they were a size 7, so I didn’t try them on, but I think they were also £12.

There was no shortage of sizes in some of the other wedges, though:

summer wedges

It’s wedge heaven!

These were all £16, and I wish I’d come across them this time last year, when I was searching everywhere for canvas wedges! This year I’m pretty much stocked up on this style of shoe, so the green peep toes were my only purchase. If any of my summer wedges should wear out within the next couple of months, though, at least I’ll know where to come to replace them!


  • I love your new shoes! I’m so jealous I don’t have a Primark nearby, even though, my bank account is pretty happy about that. Especially sinceI wouldn’t have been able to leave those cute yellow polkadot wedges behind…

    • They just opened one in our town right before Christmas and I’m trying my best to avoid it – it’s so easy to just pop in for a quick look and end up walking out with tons of stuff!

  • OMG, thanks soooo much for showing these lovely shoes!!! Your mint ones are so sweet, but I need to go to Primark to get the nautical and polka dot wedges! So beautiful! Needing some more space in the suitcase… 🙂

  • I never go to Primark because the store stresses me out a bit – the one in Coventry is very big and it freaks me out. But I did take a detour to there on my way to the station and bought these in the nude colour. I loved the mint green too. They’re surprisingly lovely for £12!

  • The yellow polka dots take the cake. WANT!!! I initially didnt like the mint patent ones, but they look good on your foot.

  • I loved the shoes you bought, but I really liked the other ones as well.
    I have a very similar pair to the nautical ones, but I don’t wear them so often because they tend to hurt my feet. But I also liked the other pairs you showed us. Especially the yellow ones! Pity we don’t have a Primark where I live!

  • realllly want some wedges! (now i have an office job i can wear heels more as dont need to walk in them all day!!) may have to pop up at the weekend

    although saying that …. even though its only the 7th ive already spent waay too much!

    Nicola xxx

  • I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of (cheap) wedges for at least two weeks now. Why, oh why, does Primark not have an online store?! Might have to drag my best friend to whichever is the nearest one from where I am (I haven’t got a car, you see, & she does).

    I bought a mint blazer from Zara a couple of weeks ago, & it must have been then that I developed a new found love for anything mint. When I saw a pair of mint pointed toe pumps at New Look for 15.99 (14.39 with a student discount) my sensibility faltered & I ended up walking out of the store with them (paid, of course). Now you show me THESE BEAUTIES?!

  • OMG! Bought this yesterday on Ebay for just one pound! So happy that I finally get the shoes that I fell in love with since this post! I love mint shoes!

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