Topshop ‘Sylvie’ orange knot-front pumps

orange shoes with platform sole and peep toe

Topshop ‘Sylvie’ orange knot-front platforms, £65

I think the ongoing trend for shoes without platforms has really started to change the way I look at footwear. For instance, a couple of years ago (or maybe even just a year ago), I’d have found the platform on Topshop’s ‘Sylvie’ platforms fairly “normal” – maybe even a little tame. Now, though, I’ve become so accustomed to seeing shoes with no platform at all (You know, the way ALL shoes used to be at one point?) that these now seem very large and chunky to me, when they’re not really: put it down to the “adjustment of the eye”!

I always think there’s something very sophisticated about shoes with a knotted front like this. They remind me a little of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Greissimo’ peep toes, which are one of my favourite designs of his, and that’s probably why I’m willing to overlook the fact that these ones are in one of my least favourite colours: orange. (Er, Topshop describe this as “red”. It looks very orange to me, but that could just be my monitor, so don’t take my word for it!)

Luckily for me, ‘Sylvie’ also comes in plain black leather. If you do like orange, though, the brighter colour definitely makes more of an impact!

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