Office ‘Ooh La La’ watermelon platform shoes

platform shoes with watermelon design

Office ‘Ooh la la’ platforms, £65

I actually showed you these shoes just a few weeks ago, as part of my Office Spring/Summer preview, but they’re so unusual I thought they deserved a closer look, now that they’re available to buy!

These shoes are.. well, they’re designed to look like watermelons: I suppose that’s the first and most obvious point I should make here, although I’m guessing you probably got that from the image alone! When I first saw them, I instantly thought of Charlotte Olympia: in addition to the little demi-platform which is so characteristic of her shoes, these also have the same kind of quirkiness that I usually associate with a Charlotte Olympia design. This isn’t totally out of left field for Office, who are definitely one of the edgier high-street brands, but it does set these shoes apart from most of the other styles we tend to see at this kind of price-point.

As for whether I’d buy them… well, probably not: they wouldn’t exactly fit with my personal style. As novelty shoes go, though, I do think they’re pretty cute, and probably much easier to style than the words “watermelon shoes” tend to suggest.

What do you think?

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  • I’ve been checking the Office site every day since you featured them in your Summer preview, and I actually ordered them on Friday, the moment the came online. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I would say they look more like strawberries though, especially the green at the heel.

  • I lean toward nay. Unless exceptionally well-styled, I’d say they’d be an annoyance. Possibly on the verge of downright unattractive. Perhaps someone could pull them off…but I’d be inclined to wonder about them …

  • I just got mine delivered this morning. If anyone is wondering how they fit, I’d say they’re quite generous lengthwise (I ordered a 5 and could have made due with a 4, I think), but a bit narrow in the toe box, as can be expected with this kind of shoe.

  • I love the idea and most of the execution but I loathe those semi-platforms. They look like an accident to me. These seem like they’d be much more wearable if they took the material from the platform and made them into a wedge.

    (Despite my criticisms I did have to double check and confirm that I can’t get these in the US.)

  • Can someone please help me out and tell me where I can get these shoes. My girlfriend loved them but got told they were out of stock, her 21st is coming up and would make a great wee gift for her.

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