Casadei for Swarovski ‘Sparkling Contrast’ crystal wedges

Casadei for Swarovski Sparkling Contrasts wedges

Casadei swarovski crystal wedges

Casadei Sparkling Contrasts wedges

There are no words.

No, seriously, there are REALLY no words which would do justice to these shoes: or none that you haven’t thought of yourselves, having looked at the photos, anyway.

I can tell you that these are from an exclusive collaboration between Casadei and Swarovski, for Spring 2013. Unfortunately, however, I can also tell you that the opportunity to buy them has long since passed, and they’re no longer available: a fact which I’m sure will be purely academic for  most people anyway, because you can tell just by looking at them that shoes like these don’t come cheap, can’t you?

Still, at least we can still look at them. That has to be worth something, right?


  • Wow! I’m sure that these are not only expensive but super heavy, and only to be acquired as a work of art, and not as a wearable pair of shoes. But they look amazing!

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