The perfect camel coloured ankle boots

Ash camel ankle boots

Ash ‘Joe’ camel ankle boots

I’ve been watching these boots for weeks now, hoping they’d be reduced in the Spartoo sale. Well, I finally got my wish: they’re currently down to £141 from the original £189, but unfortunately that’s still just a little too pricey for my post-Christmas budget, so I’m going to have to wait a little longer, and hope they’re reduced a little further, if I’m ever going to make them mine.

If that day ever comes, however, it’ll be a very happy one for me, because I haven’t called these the perfect camel ankle boots for no reason. Not only is this such a versatile colour, and an awesome neutral to add to your winter wardrobe, I also love the block heel on these: it should make them really comfortable to wear, and while it’s not really in my nature to choose comfort over style, I do think it should be possible to be stylishly comfortable, and I think these boots would achieve that. Although the embroidery on the ankle gives them a bit of a Western feel, they’re still a long way from being cowboy boots, and I think they’re the kind of classic that you could wear forever – and probably all year round, too, if your climate is anything like the one I live in!

These also come in black, which, I have to admit, has given me a bit of a dilemma. If given a choice, I’ll almost always choose lighter colours over dark ones: partly because I find them more flattering, but also because I think winter can be gloomy enough, without adding gloomy clothing into the mix. At the same time, though, there’s no denying that I get a lot of use out of the various pairs of black boots I own already (Er, I guess the fact that I have more than one pair of boots in that category should tell me I don’t need another, huh? Doesn’t stop me wanting them, though…), and I’m sure I could easily find room for another pair, too.

Which colour would you go for?

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