Red ankle boots from River Island

red stiletto ankle boots

Red ankle boots, £90

I do a lot of complaining about the lack of availability of boots in colours other than black and brown, so when I find a pair in almost ANY other colour, I feel duty-bound to at least acknowledge their existence.

These stiletto ankle boots are by River Island, and feature one of the brightest red uppers I ever did see. I definitely can’t complain about that: well, I’m always talking about how red makes such a fantastic shoe neutral, and that goes for boots as well as for pumps and sandals.

My personal preference with boots is for shoe-boot styles: I find ankle and calf boots problematic, because it’s always so difficult to find a pair that fits properly on the leg: I don’t think I’m alone in finding that most boots tend to either gape at the ankle/calf, or threaten to cut off the circulation. Because of that, I’d definitely need to try these on before I’d consider buying them. but as far as looks go, I think they’d make a really interesting addition to the winter shoe wardrobe, and I even like the silver zips on the side, which gives them a (tiny) bit of a punk vibe.

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