Topshop ‘Sabrina’ cup heel platforms

blue platfrm shoes with silver heel black high heel shoes pink high heels

Topshop ‘Sabrina’, £68

Just a couple of years ago, platform shoes were so much the “norm” that it was unusual to find footwear WITHOUT a giant platform attached. These days, however, the tables have turned, and it’s now more unusual to find shoes WITH one: a situation which I know pleases many of my readers.

These ‘Sabrina’ pumps by Topshop, however, are bucking the current trend, and have a large, covered platform, to balance out the 5″ stiletto heel. Speaking of the heel: this particular style is one we first saw from Giuseppe Zanotti around this time last year, and now quite a few brands have picked up on it. It’s certainly an easy way to give a shoe a bit of contrast, but I have to say, I think my favourite of the three colourways pictured here is probably the black version, with its matching heel.

Which of these do you prefer – or would you rather just give them ALL a miss?

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