ASOS ‘Audrey’ bronze brocade ankle boots

ASOS 'Audrey' bronze brocade ankle boots

ASOS ‘Audrey’ bronze brocade ankle boots, £60

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already, but this year I’ve been trying to make my winter wardrobe a little more appealing to me by seeking out boots in something other than the “traditional” winter shades of black and brown. It’s not that those colours don’t have their place, of course: they’re popular because they’re so practical at this time of year, when the weather tends not to be kind to paler shades or delicate fabrics. That’s not ALWAYS the case in winter, though. Where I live, for instance, our winters are typically drier than our summers: yes, it gets cold, but we get much less rain than we do during the rest of the year, and despite the two recent snowy winters, which were very unusual for us, and there are normally plenty of cold-but-dry days, during which it’s possible to wear something other than the darkest, most hard-wearing fabrics.

Enter these ASOS ‘Audrey’ boots. They have a bronze brocade upper which instantly seems to mark them out as eveningwear, but which I’m actually imagining with some of the pastel-coloured cords and paler dresses I’ve been buying this season. I’m not sure they’d work as an “everyday” kind of shoe, but for dressier occasions, they might make an interesting alternative to a pair of shoes.

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