Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 7 Roundup

Well, Challengettes, I’ve been a bad Shoeperwoman this week: I haven’t managed to save a single pair of shoes. I have been wearing shoes, obviously (It would be a bit weird to walk around barefoot in March/April. Or at any other time in public, really), but I’ve had such a busy/stressy week for various reasons that I didn’t manage to get any photos, and you know the rules: pictures or it didn’t happen!

Anyway, it was my fourth wedding anniversary yesterday, but Shoeperman and I decided to wait until today to celebrate, so we could go out somewhere nice, so I will endeavor to save a pair of shoes tonight, if the three-day downpour we’re currently experiencing doesn’t stand in my way!

In the meantime, at least the Challengettes have been busy saving shoes, even if I haven’t: here’s the week 7 roundup to prove it!


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