Shoeper Shoe Challenge #17: Beach Birthday


What: Blue canvas Matalan flats
When: Sunday, April 11 2010
Where: Seacliff beach, East Lothian
With: jeans (River Island), sweater (Topshop), jacket (New Look), sunglasses (Gucci), bag (Accessorize)

It’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow, but we’ll all be at work unfortunately, so we celebrated today with champagne and chocolate cake on our favourite Scottish beach. The weather was beautifully sunny and Spring-like, but it was actually much chillier than it looks, so I was glad I decided NOT to go with the skirt and tank top I’d originally put on, and stuck to jeans and a sweater! We did a fair bit of clambering about over rocks, so flat shoes were the order of the day too.

I’m so happy that the warmer weather has arrived (I can’t belive it was still snowing just a couple of weeks ago!), but I’m starting to panic a little about the Shoe Challenge: I finally packed away my winter clothes and got out my summer ones on Friday, and I was seriously alarmed by the number of summery shoes I have, and just a few short weeks to wear them in! (And actually less when you consider that I’ll be on holiday for three of those weeks, and will only be able to take a capsule shoe wardrobe with me!). Looks like I’ll be wearing a lot of sandals and peep toes over the next few months!

More photos under the jump, and even more over at my personal blog, if you’re particularly interested…


There’s something magical about the combination of golden sands, gentle waves, and the warm caress of the sun on your skin. When it comes to holidays, Bournemouth knows how to do it right! With its pristine shores and charming coastal ambiance, it’s no wonder why beach holidays in Bournemouth are so popular. Imagine building sandcastles with your loved ones, taking refreshing dips in the sparkling sea, and basking in the glorious sunshine. And let’s not forget the abundance of seaside activities like beach volleyball, surfing, and delightful beachfront cafes offering scrumptious treats. Who reckons it’s not for them? I wouldn’t understand.





  • Can I just be one of the first to say how glad I am you post on Sundays now too 😀
    Now all we need is for you to give up on your social life and post 24/7!

  • You should do what I do. Since I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital I only work 3 days a week. On my days off I feel so sorry for all the pretty clothes sitting in my wardrobe so I wear approximately 3 outfits a day. Of course each outfit requires differnt shoes! Yes I know that sounds silly and honestly it is but so what? The only one complaining is my husband who always wants to know how I manage to go through 2 weeks worth of clothing in 4 days. Please note that this doesn’t mean that I do not have brand new shoes that haven’t been worn. Because I do. Currently there are 7 pairs of shoes with tags. Please don’t tell my husband.

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