Ruby Shoesday/ Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 16: Out of Time

What: Red Dorothy Perkins shoe boots
When: Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Where: Working and visiting brother and sister-in-law
With: Dress and cardigan, both H&M; belt, “thrifted” from my mother’s closet

I’m totally starting to feel like I’ve slipped into a completely different season from everyone else in the country. Up until yesterday, there were still patches of snow on the ground in our street, and it’s still cold enough for me to have put off getting out my Spring clothes for another week at least. Everyone else, however, seems to have decided that as the calendar says it’s Spring, bare legs and arms are the order of the day, so I’ve started to feel like a bit of a freak in my opaque tights and woolly cardis, although I value the warmth they bring enough to not want to put them away just yet.

This outfit was in honour of Ruby Shoesday, and I’ve tried to at least give a nod to the “changing” seasons by wearing a summery dress with… a woolly cardigan, opaque tights and boots. Ah, well…

I actually wore these shoes yesterday, too, but this was the only photo Shoeperman got of them:

Then I almost set our lunch table on fire. Fun times!

And I may also have bought a pair of thigh high boots. Yes.

They were on sale, and as winter doesn’t look like it’s going to be ending anytime soon, I figured they might come in handy. Or as handy as a pair of thigh-high boots can be, obviously.

Those of you who pay attention to these things may notice that this purchase hasn’t actually changed the shoe total in my sidebar, and this is because I jettisoned another pair of boots yesterday, which were so worn out I knew I was never going to wear them. And then I replaced them with the least practical footwear I could think of obviously…

Oh, and just a quick reminder that if you’re taking part in the Shoe Challenge, you can paste the code below into your blog sidebar to create your own Shoeper Shoe Challenge badge!:

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