Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 15: Simple

What: Black flats by George
When: Saturday, April 3, 2010
Where: Dinner with parents, going to the park
With: Black trousers, TK Maxx; sweater, so old I can’t remember; 50s style sunglasses, eBay; jacket, gifted; headband, eBay

I have to confess, I can’t actually remember whether I intended to include these shoes in the Shoe Challenge or not, because as well as being just a simple pair of black flats I bought from George at Asda (yes, really) about two years ago, they’re also on their last legs, and will probably be headed to the shoe store in the sky after today! Still, I did wear them today, so I’ve faithfully recorded their appearance. Maybe I’ll switch them to dog-walking duties rather than ditching them completely…

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