Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 30: Running in heels

(Follow my blog with bloglovin) What: Charlotte Russe polka dot peep toes When: June 15th, 2010 Where: Dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday at Thai Thani, Celebration, Florida With: green dress (Forever 21)

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What: Charlotte Russe polka dot peep toes
When: June 15th, 2010
Where: Dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday at  Thai Thani, Celebration, Florida
With: green dress (Forever 21)

OK, I admit it: I totally didn’t expect these shoes to be comfortable. Not for a second. I mean, come on – shoes this cheap and this high just aren’t going to be made for comfort, are they?

Well, here’s the amazing thing: they were actually pretty comfortable, and by “pretty comfortable”  I mean “you wouldn’t want to wear them to the gym, say, but as far as 5″ heels go, I didn’t have a single problem with them all night”. To prove it, I did a few laps of the pool and almost showed you all my underwear: whoops!

(I feel I should add a disclaimer here for anyone thinking of buying these shoes, and because I always worry a bit about answering the “are they comfortable” question, in case the person goes on to buy the shoes in question, and then tries to sue me or something when they hurt their feet or break their ankle. My disclaimer is that as everyone’s feet are different, what’s comfortable for me may not be comfortable for you, and vice versa. I wear high heels almost all the time, so I’m used to them, but I think “comfortable” has to be a comparative term when you’re talking about stilettos, anyway – they’re never going to feel like slippers, put it that way.)

Oh, hai, little corner of my bra! This is the big problem of being short, with a freakishly long torso – no matter what you do, your bra always shows in anything lower than a turtle neck. And the big problem with being me is that I always feel compelled to point these things out, before someone else does. This is why any time I have a zit, say, I walk around all day saying to people, “Hi! I have a giant zit on my head!” rather than have them look at me and think, “Poor Amber, she doesn’t know she has a giant zit on her head!” Is it just me?

Waaay too hot to have hair around your neck! Also pictured: random bottle of water.

“I believe I can fly… I believe I can… oh no, wait, I can’t. I can just run funny…”

A stealthy, under-the-table shot, courtesy of my mother. Also pictured: random, um, elephant. Well, you can’t claim I don’t give you variety…

I can’t quite believe that after all this time I’m still only on Shoe Challenge 30! Given that the majority of my shoes are summer styles, I really have to get my skates on now if I want to complete the challenge in the time allowed. Or get my strappy sandals on, rather: if I put skates on, that would just be silly…


    • The platform definitely helps. I really thought there would be at least some rubbing around the toes, as can often happen with open shoes, but they really were comfortable – I was amazed!

  • Fantastic pictures! Lovely shoes (nice that they are, above all, comfortable!), fantastic dress, lovely atmosphere and you look lovely as usual! And no, it’s not only you to point out what makes you uncomfortable… I do the same, also immediately! So it’s better if WE do this, then, like you said, waiting for people to see the flaw… the conversations seem to stop and everybody looks ONLY at the zit, burnt, etc… mpf!
    30 shoes! Amazing! Congratulations! I don’t think, since the challenge began, that I wore more than 20 or 25, I guess… well, to defend myself I have to say that most of the time I was at home writing the thesis… I’m going back to the UK soon again, yiiipie! There is the place where I wear my nice shoes! Glad you made safe home! Is the cold past? Recovered? Hope so!
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..This week… the outfits =-.

    • I so know what you mean about having a place you can wear your nice shoes: this is one of the reasons I love Florida so much, I always feel I can just wear what I want to wear there without having to worry about wrapping up against the cold, or having people constantly ask me if I’m “going somewhere special”!

      • Ooohh, you are just great, someone who understood me, here people always ask “is there any party?” And I just like to feel OK! But they like beige and… well, I respect them, “plain” clothes… not my style, though, and no, no need for a party to dress in a trendy way! (I confess I did have the feeling people react(ed) to you this way. For as you tell about your city, and your lovely photos with lovely clothes, I sensed it was so!)
        .-= Denise´s last blog ..This week… the outfits =-.

  • I did start later than you and only have 30 pairs of shoes, but I’ve only blogged 3 challenge updates (though have definitely worn a lot more than that, but pictures or it didn’t happen, right?) I still really love those shoes, I’m a sucker for polka dots! And I also have to point out things before anyone else notices it, it’s better that they know you know about whatever it is.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Adding pizzaz! =-.

    • Haha, I’m so glad it’s not just me – I always do it, but I bet people don’t actually notice half of the things until I insist on drawing their attention to them!

  • That is the perfect dress to go with those shoes. I have failed miserably with my shoe challenge, although I did clean out the shoes a little while ago and am now down to 76 pairs.
    .-= Tracey´s last blog ..Reading =-.

    • Yup, 12×12! I bought quite a few things from there while I was away 🙂

      As for the long torso thing, I’ve always assumed that was the problem – my mum is the same shape, and she has exactly the same issue: I can only ever wear balconette style bras, but even they will pop up sometimes. I once had a dress made, and the dressmaker was all, “Um, you have a weird torso, do you have problems buying clothes?” And I thought, YES, I do!

  • Hooray for running in heels!
    And I’d say that any pair of stilettos that you can walk around in for over oh… say 4-5 hours counts as comfortable 🙂

  • You look lovely! Those shoes are gorgeous. And I am MOST envious you were in a place with hot, hot weather and still have slender ankles. I am convinced when the temp rises about 18 degrees C my grandmother’s ankles possess me………..

  • Love, Love, Love these shoes. But I can’t find them anywhere! Even at the Charlotte Russe site. Argh!! Are they gone already?

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(Follow my blog with bloglovin) What: Charlotte Russe polka dot peep toes When: June 15th, 2010 Where: Dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday at Thai Thani, Celebration, Florida With: green dress (Forever 21)" />