New Shoes! Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Lady Dragon 2 slingbacks

I know, I know…

When I ordered the peach version of these shoes almost a year ago, I sent them back because  didn’t like the colour and I didn’t like the fit. I knew it was the right decision, but at the same time, I never really got those Lady Dragons out of my head. Every time I spotted someone wearing them (on the Internet, natch: my town isn’t really a plastic, heart-shaped-shoe kinda place), or saw them for sale, I’d feel a little pang of regret that they weren’t mine, so when I found them in Saks on the second-last day of my vacation, on sale, in a size that fit me perfectly (a European size 36, as it turns out, which is a full size smaller than I’d usually wear, but these do seem to come up large), and in a gold and red combo that I liked much better than the ill-fated peach shoes… well, it would’ve been rude not to just buy them, wouldn’t it?

OK, so maybe not. But I’d definitely have regretted it, because I put them on as soon as they were legally mine, and discovered that my life has been incomplete without a pair of gold plastic shoes with gigantic hearts on the front. I mean, WHO KNEW? I’ve worn them once already, but didn’t get any photos, so I’ll try to get them out again soon for a Shoe Challenge. Speaking of which, I have a camera full of photos to post at some point this week (turned out I was much too lazy to do any more blogging while I was gone), but I just got back this morning and haven’t slept since Friday (and as well as the shoes, I also brought a heavy cold home with me), so I’m going to go and do that now, and let the Shoe Challenges wait until another day – not least because I can hardly bear to look at the photos without wanting to burst into tears at the thought of being home. Also: cold remedy. Must take some cold remedy….

 (These shoes, by the way, only bring my total to 76 pairs, because I had a bit of a clear-out before my vacation. Yes, I’m a filthy rotten shoe-challenge cheat!)


  • I also like them, this color much more than the one you ordered before! I think you did it right – I am sure about it! Always when I think too much about something, it’s clear that I have to have it. So, it was cool you bought them! The photo at the swimming pool looks great, as usual! And I’m waiting for the other photos you have, they are always so beautiful! (Secret: I come from Melissa’s land… they have some cool styles! Not all, but some!)
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..This week… the outfits =-.

  • So cute in this color! I’m also in love with these jelly. But is real that those ones are the only-in-the-jellyworld could i like.
    Kisses from Italy,


  • Aren’t they gorgeous… I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a pair of these for my best friends wedding… how comfortable are they in terms of carrying out bridesmaid duties all day?

    • I couldn’t really say – I’ve not worn them for nearly as long as that, and an all-day event would obviously be different from wearing them to stana restaurant etc! I’m also used to wearing heels all the time, so I think I possibly have a higher pain threshold than most!

    • I’m from Brazil, Melissa’s land, and I don’t have the Lady Dragon but I have similar styles. I’m not used to wearing heels at all, I’m a sneakers-and-ballerinas kind of girl, and my Melissas are the only high-heeled shoes that I stand to wear all day long, counting a mary jane shoe with whooping 10cm heels.

  • Glad you FINALLY got your paws on a pair of Lady Dragons.
    And they are much nicer than the ill fated first pair!
    Go Amber!

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