The New Style of Sneakers

pink Puma sneakers

OK, so “new” is probably the wrong word, here. This style of sneaker has actually been around for a while now (and sneakers themselves have been around forever, obviously…), but there’s no denying that they’re going through a bit of a “moment”, fashion-wise – and that means I want to know what you think of them.

So, this “new” style I’m referring to is basically the same old sneakers you’re used to seeing, but, instead of regular laces, the current look involves wide ribbon-style ones instead. The ones above are pink velvet, but the colour and fabric don’t really matter: all that DOES matter is that you’re essentially updating that basic sport-shoe look by adding a decidedly NON-sporty element. It’s the perfect mix of dressy and casual, and while I don’t think shoes like these ones could ever really be described as totally “casual”, they’re definitely a little more luxe than the type of trainers we’re used to seeing, aren’t they?

These ones are by Puma (Available at Spartoo), and the hot pink upper also helps make them that little bit more interesting. What do you think of them, though? Are you are sneaker convert, or do you subscribe to the idea that trainers are only for the gym?

[In collaboration with Spartoo]

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