Boden sequin ‘Albertina’ flats

Boden sequin 'Albertina' flats

Boden sequin Albertina flats

Every Christmas, Boden release a pair of sequined or bejewelled flats which, without fail, make me want to spend far too much money on shoes I know I probably won’t wear all that often: because, sure, flats are practical, but sequins? Not so much, really, more’s the pity.

This year, the flats in question are the ‘Albertina’ – a pointed, tassled loafer, which is just a little bit different from the traditional ballet flats I usually go for, but no less gorgeous for that. Now, as I said, I suspect I’d get very little use out of these, because, no matter how sturdy the upper, I always find myself having to fight the urge to keep shoes like this “for best”, just in case the sequins get damaged or start to fall off. I know, silly, huh? I still do it, though, which means that, as much as I love the gold version, I’d probably be better off going for either the nude, black or navy, which are also available. Which would you choose?

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