Isabel Toledo for Payless lace-up court shoes

OK. I’m just going to say this, and then I’m going to run and hide from the backlash that is undoubtedly coming my way: I’m really happy that Payless has continued to collaborate with designers to bring us fresh footwear styles at affordable price points, but… personally I think these are ugly. I’m sorry, but I do.

They’re designed by Isabel Toledo for the US shoe chain, and, as well as the red and yellow-soled versions shown here, are also available with white and blue soles. Somewhat unusually, however, only the yellow versions will actually be available at Payless itself, and if you live in the US, you’ll be able to buy them there from September 7th. The other colours, meanwhile, are available exclusively from Colette, where they’ll set you back $45.56.

What do you think of them?


    • these are FABULOUS!!! i love them. kooky and terrifically stylish at a great price. what more can you ask? (besides taste….)

      • I would actually wear them. Sometimes things look better on…don’t knock it until you try it. They look comfortable and stylish! Me likie!!!

  • Yuck. I’d never wear these. I can see how they might look cute on a goth but definitely not for me (no disrespect to goths, who often look fabulous) I do like the designer diffusion idea though – just not in this incarnation!

  • I think with a black heel, they *might* be acceptable weekend shoes. I kind of like the uppers, but the colored rubber heels are awful. 🙁

  • I think it’s the combination that just doesn’t work. I like the patent uppers and I also like the soles, just not both together on the same shoe.
    The patent uppers with a black wedge or a short stumpy heel: win.
    The coloured sole with some non-shiny less fragile looking uppers: also a win.
    It all oould have looked so much better if the designer had not tried to be so deliberately edgy but created some shoes that made sense instead.

  • I’m a stylist, I bought them, and I rocked the heck out of these shoes. I got alot of complements and they are DIFFERENT! All of your opinions are respected but I disagree…..these shoes are HOT and are a hit for my wardrobe. I wear them with funky colored tights and a short jean skirt or I rock them with my wide legged jeans and my shirt may have a hint of yellow in it with one of my designer bags (which ever one I choose) and I am ready so don’t knock them, you must see them on with an outfit to understand where I’m coming from xoxo

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