Halogen ‘Manda’ flats with bow

Halogen 'Manda' flats with bow

Halogen ‘Manda’ flats, £36.93


As I mentioned earlier a couple of months ago, this year has seen me discover a newfound appreciation for flats. What I look for in a pair of flats, however, is different from what I look for in a pair of heels, which is probably why I don’t tend to feature them here all that often. When I’m buying heels, I often take the view that the more extravagant they look, the better. With flats, though, as with boots, their beauty is in their simplicity, so I look for a great shape, maybe a stand-out colour (or then again, maybe not), sometimes a little bit of an embellishment to finish it all off.

Oh, and I also like them to be fairly cheap. I get through flats so quickly that I don’t see much point in paying a small fortune for them, when I know I’ll be replacing them sooner rather than later.

All of which brings me to these flats by Halogen, which score highly on all of the above points. I love the shape: I think a pointed toe is much more flattering on a flat shoe than a rounded one, and these have exactly the right amount of point. I also love the offset bow, which I think makes them look more expensive than they are. Finally, the black and nude uppers satisfy my “classic” cravings, while the coral and lime version below (which are actually from the summer season, and thus a little cheaper) are very fun and fresh.

Most of all, I love that Nordstrom ships to the UK, because I don’t think I’ve seen this brand over here. Off to check that out now…

Halogen 'Manda' flats with bow



  • Those are really cute!

    Also, Halogen is a Nordstrom house brand, so that’s the only place you’ll ever find them 🙂

  • It’s funny, I also go through flats much more quickly but use the inverse logic. Since I know I’m going to spend lots of time in the flats I’m willing to fork over money for quality. My heels don’t get nearly as many outings so I”m much more hesitant to invest in them.

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