Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Filter 140 crystal-embellished suede pumps

Grey Christian Louboutin pumps with crystal heels

Just an ordinary pair of grey pumps…

… with a not-so-ordinary heel:

Red soled shoes with crystal heel tipsWhat does everyone think of these? I love the shape, but I can’t help wondering if the blinged-up heel tips are just a little out of place on a “daytime” kind of shoe. Your thoughts?

Whatever you think of them, they’re $1,195, and you can click here to buy them at Net-a-Porter.


  • Among some of my friends, we have a joke when the price is “colossal” like these Louboutins… we, as joke, say “oh, I like them very much, so I will buy two pairs, but not today, I’ll do it tomorrow” 🙂
    So… I’ll buy two pairs of these now, but not today… tomorrow.
    Impossible price! But amazing shoes! I would wear them anytime, morning included! They are simply wonderful!

  • Eh. I just can’t wrap my head around sparkly stuff on shoes, be it “gems” or glitter. The practical side of me just pipes up a little too loud with “It’ll just fall off and then you’ll be left with a gunky looking shoe.” For some reason, spikes, rivets, chains, and studs are perfectly fine, but sparkly sets that practical side off. On the other hand, if the “gems” were the little mini spikes I thought they were, and they were a darker grey, I’d be ALL over these.

  • I kinda like them. I think they’d be good for a wedding. Or maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about. Either way, I won’t be spending that much on them.

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