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A quick look at life – and shoes – lately, as captured for Instagram: you can follow me here!

First up, I’m sure this will come as no surprise at all, but…

gingham bow shoes

… I bought the black version of the Topshop gingham shoes I got last week. Yes, I know, I know, but as I said in my review of the blue pair, I knew I’d regret not buying them when I had the chance, and I noticed they were in low stock, so here they are. I have no regrets: I know I’ll be wearing these a lot, so I’m sure I’ll get the cost-per-wear down to single digits soon!

black pointed slingbacks

A quick shoe shot from yesterday… These Boden slingbacks have proven to be a pretty good investment so far. I now really, really want the polka dot and stripe versions which are part of the current collection, but there’s a long wait list for my size, and I can’t seem to make up my mind which print to go for, so I’m just hoping they don’t sell out before I make my mind up.

pastel shoes

The pastel shoes from yesterday’s review, waiting to be photographed with the “real” camera. I’m really excited to wear these, although the weather forecast doesn’t give me much hope that it’ll be happening anytime soon, unfortunately. In the meantime, I did manage to find a home for them in my dressing room:

dressing room

I did a bit of spring-cleaning over the weekend, and decided these were pretty enough to be on display. Let’s just hope they don’t end up sitting around like this for too much longer: come on Spring, don’t you know there are shoes waiting to be worn here?!

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  • Super cute, I love all of these shoes (though I did think that the Topshop pair was a dark navy instead of a black).

    I’m currently in the process of renaming my blog and perhaps moving to a different domain – any tips? I’d love to read about the process of how you do your blogs:)

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