Sergio Rossi green suede sandals with gold heels

Sergio Rossi green suede sandals gold high heels on green shoe

Sergio Rossi green suede sandals with gold heels, £690

I’ve spoken a lot here about how much I love combinations of green and gold, whether it be in an outfit or on a shoe, and while I don’t love it quite enough to want to spend £690 on these Sergio Rossi sandals, I’m definitely enjoying the eye candy!

These have a lot to recommend them. That bright green suede is a beautiful colour in its own right, but don’t you love the way it wraps all the way around the shoe, from the upper to the sole? It’s a very unusual touch, and gibes these a very luxe feel, as well as making the bright green suede even more of a feature than it would have been otherwise. Then there’s the heel. In all honesty, I could live without the bulbous section at the top of the gold stiletto, but I don’t hate it either: my first impression of these shoes was that they looked like a spring flower about to bud, and I think the heel has a lot to do with that.

Finally, the front strap is slender and understated, but also adds interest to the design with the black and gold print. At first glance, I thought it was animal print and got even MORE excited, because if there’s one thing I love more than green and gold, it’s green – or any bold colour – and animal print – but I do like it as it is, too.

Here’s what I’d wear with these shoes:

what to wear with green shoes

What to wear with emerald green sandals:

dress // clutch // necklace // bracelet // ring // hair accessory // nail polish 

This dress is a little different from the kind of thing I’d usually go for, but I felt these shoes would work well with something a bit loose and flowy, and I also thought the green would look good against black (Which also appears on the strap), so here you go!

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