Harumi Watanabe sequin and glitter pumps

My, my! Sequins AND glitter, together on the same shoe! Sounds a bit like the kind of thing a pre-schooler would do to a shoe if he was given five minutes alone with it and the craft table: and, actually, it kind of LOOKS like that too, doesn’t it? Those over-lapping sequins, combined with the multicolured glitter, make me think of the kind of thing I’d proudly drag home from nursery school (kindergarten) and make my parents put on display, although if I’d had those kind of mad skillz as a child, I could’ve called myself Harumi Watanabe and charged £371 per pair. Another opportunity missed!

These are presumably designed to appeal to those who take a magpie approach to shoe shopping, going for all that glitters and shines. These shoes will do both: if that sounds good to you, you can buy them  at Louisa Via Roma.


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