Zara blue suede ballet flats

Zara blue suede ballet flats


blue suded ballet flats


Zara blue suede flats, £49.99

Oh dear. It looks like Zara’s latest collection is going to be pretty hard on my bank balance, at least if the shoes are anything to go by. Last week I showed you those glorious yellow pumps (Which I’m still trying to talk myself out of buying), and today heres’ an equally gorgeous pair of flats to tempt me.

Now, as you know, it’s not often that I’m tempted by flats, and especially not by £50 ones. As someone who’s spent most of her life picking up £10 flats from New Look or Matalan any time the old ones sold out, I’m a relative newcomer to the world of paying as much for flat shoes as I would for heels, (And yes, I know £49.99 isn’t exactly expensive for shoes, but when you’re used to those New Look prices, it’s definitely a bit of a jump…) but I think in this case they might just be worth it. Not only is the upper real suede, rather than the suedette we usually see on this style of shoe, the style is also more “designer” than it is “high street” – or at least, I think so, anyway. In fact, the transparent vamp, with the wide, flat bow, has a bit of a Louboutin feel to it, and that’s good enough for me.

Also good enough for me: this amazing midi skirt by Coast, which I’d wear with these shoes to create a very “ShoeperWoman”/50s inspired look:

50s inspired outfit with flat shoes and full skirt

How to wear a midi skirt:

Skirt | Shoes | Top | Bracelet| Clutch | Lipstick 

I really love this shade of bright blue, and think it’s unusual enough (in terms of shoes, anyway) to really stand out amongst the darker colours which are more typical of winter shoe collections. Speaking of which, these are also available in black, if you’re looking for something slightly more classic.

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  • “…the transparent vamp, with the wide, flat bow, has a bit of a Louboutin feel to it….” That’s exactly what I thought the moment I saw these. In fact, my heart skipped several beats when I first read the title & saw the photo, because I thought Zara had made their own version of THOSE Pigalles (the ones with the bow & a mesh vamp), that I’ve been pining for for about half a century now.

    Why must Zara keep doing this to me? Just a few weeks ago I bought a pair of shoes from there that I most certainly didn’t need & didn’t have the money for, instead of buying what I had initially planned to & had a budget for (they were those mustard coloured satin courts). I know feel I’ve a moral obligation to buy these, too…..

  • OMG shoe kryptonite! I have such a weakness for pointy flats, and these have bows! And an amazing color! They will definitely be $100+ in Moscow, but I dont think I’ll be able to resist.

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