Crossover wedge sandals from Dorothy Perkins

crossover wedges from Dorothy Perkins

With the weather finally starting to warm up a little, it’s time for me to start obsessing over wedge sandals again, and I’m starting off with these ones from Dorothy Perkins, which look more expensive than they are (They’re £35), and are neutral enough in both of the available colourways to work with most of your summer wardrobe. (And by “your”, I obviously mean “my”.)

The Dorothy Perkins website is my kryptonite at the moment: I didn’t love their winter collection, but the new Spring arrivals provide a new item for my wish list almost every time I look at the site: don’t say I didn’t warn you…


  • Personally, I think those look really cheap and trashy. I don’t like the thick straps, the studs round the base or the too big gap between the straps. (Or the buckle, or the heel material which seems to clash with the metal actually!) Not for me, then!

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