Charlotte Olympia ‘Forever’ heart detail platform sandals

Charlotte Olympia Forever Sandals

It would probably have been more appropriate for me to have shown you these shoes on Valentine’s day, huh?

Still, better late than never, and hearts aren’t just for February 14th, as you all know! In fact, I’d be happy to wear these ones ANY time (Um, unless it was snowing, obviously. Even I’m not that dedicated to sandals!): they’re by Charlotte Olympia, they’re called ‘Forever’, and you can insert your own cheesy line here about them winning my heart, or whatever…

Charlotte Olympia 'Forever'

Of course, so much fabulousness in one shoe tells you one thing: they’re going to be expensive. And yup, sure enough, they’re £660. Sorry. Here’s one more photo to make up for that bit of bad news:

Charlotte Olympia heart sandalsClick here to pre-order them direct from the brand.


  • I don’t want to be a hag but these remind too much of stripper shoes – I love pumps and often wear sky high heels. But there’s something with the bare skin and straps that say “come here Daisy – spin around the pole”. Sorry

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