Shoe Review: Giuseppe Zanotti teal suede peep toes

Giuseppe Zanotti teal suede peep toes


Giuseppe Zanotti heels

Giuseppe Zanotti teal shoes


Yesterday morning I was up bright and early (well, I was up early, anyway: I’m not so sure about the “bright” bit…) and pacing in front of the window, awaiting a very exiting delivery from Shopbop, in the shape of these Giuseppe Zanotti peep toes, which I managed to buy for less than the price of a pair of Kurt Geigers or similar, thanks to a bunch of Shopbop codes which I’d been saving up for months.*

Luckily, I didn’t have too long to wait: they turned up mid-morning ,and instantly became one of my favourite pairs of shoes, although you’re going to have to take my word on how gorgeous they are, because although I took a couple of dozen photos of them, absolutely none do them justice, or properly show the beautiful colour of the teal suede upper, which means I’m going to have to just resort to showing you the product shot from the Shopbop website:

Giuseppe Zanotti teal peep toes

This is a much truer rendering of the colour, which is a rich, dark teal, and much greener than it looks in my photos: I really love it, and haven’t been able to stop staring at these since they arrived, which is always a good sign for a shoe purchase!

I ordered these in my usual European size 37, and they fit perfectly. As for the heel, well, at 5.5″, it’s pretty high, and obviously isn’t designed for “comfort” exactly. With that said, I haven’t had any problems walking in these (there’s also a 1.5″ partly-covered platform, which makes the heel feel a little more reasonable) and the suede is soft and flexible, which means they don’t rub – or not so far, anyway, although I’ve only tested  them around the house so far. Hopefully that’ll change soon, though: I can’t wait to wear these properly!

* Disclosure: Shopbop is a sponsor of these shoes were partly purchased using store credit. All opinions are my own.


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