Shoe Kryptonite | Aquazzura ‘Carmen’ 105 Fuchsia Satin Pumps

Aquazzura CArmen

Aquazzura ‘Carmen’ fuchsia satin pumps

There’s no price given for these shoes, because I couldn’t find them available to buy online, but if you click the link above, it’ll take you to the Aquazzura website, which has a list of stockists. OR you could just continue to stare at them here, instead. That’s what I’m going to be doing: I know that whatever these shoes cost, it’s going to be out of my price range, so if staring’s all I’m ever going to be able to do, I may as well get on with it!

These shoes are true Kryptonite for me, and it’s mostly because of the giant ribbon on the toe. Now, this is actually a fairly simple touch, which you could always DIY, if you wanted to. All you’d need would be a nice, thick ribbon, and a pair of slingbacks to attach it to, and you’d easily be able to recreate a similar kind of look. Of course, unless you were able to perfectly replicate this gorgeous fucsia/purple colour mix, the results wouldn’t be quite the same as these shoes, and that’s another reason why these are so special. I’m always wary of trying to put two bright colours together like these, but these ones complement each other perfectly, and create a really interesting, luxurious looking shoe which is just bursting with glamour.

You know what else is bursting with glamour? This dress:

purple dress and shoes

Dress // clutch // cocktail ring 

This is another Suzannah number, and it’s £1,350: gulp. I could live without the embellishment on the neckline (She says, as if the idea if living with ANY part of this dress is even the remotest possibility…), but the colour is absolutely glorious, as is the exaggerated shape, so I thought I’d show you some Dress Kryptonite to go with this dose of Shoe Kryptonite!



  • Yes to the dress! Although possibly not at that price.

    I like the shoes but that style of slingback refuses to stay on my foot. No idea why but I learned my lesson and don’t buy that style any more.

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