Bloch roll-up ballet flats: handy


Bloch, as I’m sure you know, are well-known in the dance world as the makers of ballet and other dance shoes, so you would imagine they’d know a thing or two about how to make footwear. This is good news for us, because as well as their actual dance shoes, they also make a number of civilian styles, including these colourful, roll-up flats, which come in pink, green or black.

I’m a high heels devotee, but I quite often like to pop a pair of flats into my handbag, because you just never know when they might come in handy. (We superheroes have to Be Prepared. Like the boy scouts.) These ones appeal, not just because I like the colour mix, but because they’re super-flexible, and will roll-up to fit neatly into your bag.

They’re not particularly cheap, at $154.95, but if you’d like a pair, you can buy them online from Amazon.


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