Vice-heart front flat pumps from Topshop


Damn. Here was I, thinking my summer shoe wardrobe was more or less sorted, and then Topshop have to go and do this to me.  Do they not realise how totally irresistible hearts-on-shoes are to me? Furthermore, how did they know my planned “capsule wardrobe” for my summer holiday this year (yes, I think about these things in advance. Look, it’s a tiny baggage allowance, and I like to bring a lot back with me!) revolves around the theme of navy and red? (I know the heart on those navy pumps is more of an orange but, hey, close enough…)

Just to make matters worse, these are only £22. Oh, Topshop, why must you place temptation in my way like this?

As well as the colours shown above, these also come in black with a bright blue heart, and you can buy them here. I’ve no idea why they’re “vice” hearts, though…

BUY: Topshop vice-heart front pumps, £22


  • They’re called “vice” heart pumps because there are two hearts sharing the front of the same shoe…just like a president and a vice president share leadership duties for one organization. These are cute!

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