Marc by Marc Jacobs velvet and suede mouse slippers

Marc Jacobs’ famous mouse flats are one of those great dividers of opinion in the shoe world. Some people think they’re too cute for words, while others find them too twee to be tolerated, and there doesn’t seem to be any in-between. Naturally, then, I’m wondering whether you’ll react any differently to the slipper version, which are currently selling at Net-a-Porter for £195, and which feature velvet uppers with a snuggly fleece lining.

Of course, if I ever decide to spend £195 on a pair of slippers, I hope one of you will be kind enough to take me aside and have a word with me, because that’s £195 I could have spent on real shoes right there. If you want to do it, though, these are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line and you can click here and be my guest.

Would you spend £195 on slippers?


  • They may be cute – for slippers – but yes, £195 for slippers… besides, I don’t wear slippers… so… one more reason not to buy them!

  • Way too expencive! And I think they would just look like burgundy slippers with weird white stripes..
    But wait.. fleece?? on the inside? for spring/summer? in slippers? brrr

  • This animal shoe thing has gone a bit far. D&G have some too I think – actual outdoor shoes though – eek! Maybe Suri Criuse can wear them? Age appropriate and within her budget I’m sure… As for £195 on slippers though – no-siree-bob! I have nice fleece Ugg ones my hubby bought me and he got them on sale for about €30

  • I’m glad you mentioned slippers three or four time because honestly, I think they’re so cute I was prepared to go out and buy them. Until I finally realised that they are in fact, slippers. And no, I wouldn’t buy them at that price. Not slippers.

  • I absolutely love them, and I’m a big fan of the MBMJ mouse flats. I do think this might be a little too much to spend on slippers, but if they ever go on sale… 🙂

  • I am more on board with the whole mouse thing when they’re slippers than I am when they’re shoes, but £195? If I’m paying that much money for a pair of slippers, they better be the most comfortable pair that ever existed, and magically repair damage to my feet.

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