Fornarina ‘Demy’ red and blue polka dot pumps with bow

polka dot shoes

Well, it looks like I’m going to have to start limiting my visits to the Spartoo website: their Spring/Summer collection is absolutely full of polka dots, and you all know how my shoeper powers fail me when faced with dots.

(Do you want to know how many polka dotted items I’ve bought this month? Actually, on second thoughts, let’s not even go there. And yes, some of them are shoes: I was just waiting for the Challenge to end so I could pounce on those polka dots, obviously…)

These shoes are by Fornarina, which is a brand I’ve never really paid much attention to until now. There’s a lot to like about these court shoes, though, from the bright blue platform and heel, to the spotted upper, and, of course, that little bow on the side, which is an interesting detail, and fairly unusual. I also like the fact that these have a closed toe: so many polka dot styles are peep toes, and while these do have a fabric upper, and therefore won’t be suitable for wet or muddy weather, they’ll be perfect for the cool, drier days of Spring.

These are £124 at Spartoo.



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