Ted Baker ‘Fleur’ glitter bow court shoes

Be still, my heart.

I was just starting to feel bad about the fact that the approaching winter will soon stop me wearing my beloved Ted Baker Keanah peep toes, when along comes this closed-toe version, featuring the same, outsized bow.

It’s the shape of the bow I really love here:

The rounded, stylized shape gives the shoes a very whimsical feel, and looks even better in real life (I think) than it does in pictures: it’s perfect for a party shoe, and the glitter upper makes these even more appropriate for an evening out. I’d love them even more in another choice of material, as, despite my recent glitter shoe purchase, I’m still not sure the sparkly look is quite “me”.

These are absolutely gorgeous, though, and they’re also rather nice in the black version, too. They’re £95, and you can click here to buy them from Ted Baker.


    • I thought the exact same thing! Which is odd because I’m Jewish and therefore rarely go to fancy Christmas parties. I figure that they got that association because last December Miu Miu had a ton of fabulous glittery pumps, each more fabulous than the last.

      But these! Be still my heart. These may have just surpassed both Schuh’s Frenchie pumps and Ted Baker’s Keanah peeptoes to rest at the tippy top of my shoe wish list. They are over the top and extravagant, sure. But they are also all kinds of Fabulous (yes, with a capital F). Unfortunately, I don’t get nearly as many invitations for fabulous, over the top extravagent affairs as I’d like, so I’d probably never have an occasion that called for such shoes. But still….

  • I’m in love with glitter shoes! this one is very beautiful. Do you know the size of the heel? Sorry for my bad english, I’m french! ^_^

  • These are beautiful! I love the shape, and the bow. But I’m not sure how I feel about glittery shoes either. The glitter makes them less wearable, I think – they’d only really be special occasion shoes, rather than day to day shoes.

  • I love thesse, but I have been looking out for the peep toe version?I tried them on in a shop but havent found them online!
    Can anyone help?Its 4 2 bridesmaids at a wedding

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