Beautiful Bridal Shoes: Ivory corsage peep toes from Next

These shoes weren’t in the “weddings” section (as far as I could tell, anyway), but I’m going to assume they’re bridal shoes anyway, because I just don’t see too many other people finding themselves in need of ivory shoes with giant corsages on the heels, do you?

Personally, I think the flowers are a little too much here, and would’ve had just as much impact, but been a little easier to wear, if they were ever so slightly smaller. If you can’t wear giant flowers on your heels when you’re getting married, though, when can you? So if you can see yourself walking down the aisle in these (or walking somewhere else for that matter), head over to Next, where you can buy a pair for £55.


    • Are you joking? Surely the fact that the headline says “ivory corsage peep toes FROM NEXT” and the last line of the post says “head over to NEXT, where you can buy a pair for £55” (complete with link to the store) is a fairly big clue that they can be purchased from Next?

  • Hello, i live in Athens and i want to know from which site i can buy these shoes(Beautiful Bridal Shoes: Ivory corsage peep toes from Next)? How much does they cost? How i can order them?
    Please aswear to my e-mail!

    • I think you’ve answered your own question there 🙂 They’re “from Next”, so you would need to contact Next directly – there is a link to their website in the post you’ve commented on, which also contains the answers to your other questions.

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