Zara green velvet slippers with embroidered moustache

Zara moustache chic

Zara green velvet slippers with embroidered moustache, £25

One of the most mystifying shoe trends of the year for me has been the “shoes that look like slippers” one. I just don’t get it. I know they’re probably really comfortable and easy to wear, but I don’t think I’ll ever get past the fact that, well, they look like slippers. (And to be completely honest, I don’t even wear slippers that look like this, let alone outdoor shoes…)

Still, I know lots of people are really into this look at the moment, and Zara have jumped right aboard the trend train by giving these slippers another super-trendy touch in the form of the moustache on the vamp. Why are moustaches – or at least pretend moustaches – so popular right now? This question also completely eludes me. I’m tempted to say it’s because of Movember, but I’ve been seeing moustache-themed fashion items in stores for months now, and in the case of these ones, the profits go to Zara, not to charity.

So I don’t know. I suspect I’m just not trendy enough to get this one, but if you are, and if the marriage of slippers + moustache won’t make you feel like you’re in costume as your grandfather, you can find these for just £25 at Zara. Enjoy!

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  • I like the moustache trend because it reminds me of Hercule Poirot and he’d definitely wear slippers like these ones, so I kinda see the connection here :). That is not to say though that I would wear these “shoes” in real life, but I think I would enjoy seeing someone wear them, with the right outfit.

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