Summer Wedding Outfits: Ideas for Guests

wedding outfits: ideas for guests at a summer wedding

I know from my search referrers that lots of your are searching for summer wedding outfits right now: it’s that time of year for it, isn’t it? I wrote a post about on the subject of wedding outfit etiquette for The Fashion Police a few years ago, but I thought it might be useful to put together some specific wedding outfits for anyone in need of some inspiration.

Before I get onto the outfits themselves, though, here are a few things you need to know about wedding outfits for guests…

What guests need to know about wedding outfits:

Yes, you can wear black.

A lot of people persist with the idea that it’s a faux pas to wear black to a wedding, but this is quite an out-dated notion and – here in the UK at least – wearing black is unlikely to raise any eyebrows, as long as it’s the RIGHT black. By that, I simply mean that you should look like you’re going to a wedding, not a funeral. Black is a severe colour, which can be very sombre – hence its appropriateness as funeral attire – but it’s also an elegant and sophisticated colour, which is frequently associated with dress occasions. As long as you look like you’re going to the latter rather than the former, black should be perfectly suitable for wedding outfits: if you’re worried, consider adding some colourful accessories, or choosing soft, feminine styles rather than severe tailoring.

No, you shouldn’t wear white…

… or cream, or ivory, or any of the traditionally “bridal” colours. These colours are reserved for the bride herself, so if you turn up at someone’s wedding in a long, white dress, you’ll look like you’re trying to steal her thunder. That IS a serious faux pas. (Note: by this I’m referring to head-to-toe white. A white cardigan, say, or a printed dress with a white background would be absolutely fine, as neither of those things look “bridal”…)

No jeans: seriously.

I feel like this should go without saying, but dozens of people arrive at my blog every month having typed the phrase “can I wear jeans to a wedding?” into Google, and the answer is NO: you absolutely should not wear jeans to a wedding (unless the dress code specifically requests it!). Ditto sweatpants, leggings, or anything else that could be classed as casual/leisure wear. Weddings are formal occasions, and it’s good manners to dress the part: remember, you’ve been invited to share someone’s very special day, and it would be disrespectful to show up looking like you didn’t care enough to make even the slightest effort.

If in doubt, ask.

Ultimately, all weddings are different, and what would be a perfectly acceptable wedding outfit at one wedding could be totally out of place at another. While I’ve said that it’s fine to wear black, for instance, some people may disagree with that, so if you suspect the couple whose wedding you’re attending might be sensitive to certain “rules” of dress, don’t be afraid to ask. (If you don’t feel you can approach the bride herself, the maid of honour, or any other member of the bridal party, should be able to help.)

With all of that said, here are some wedding outfits! I’ve put these together using items which are currently available in stores (or were at the time of writing, anyway), but should they be sold out by the time you read this, hopefully the outfits will provide some inspiration which will allow to you find similar pieces.

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Wedding Outfits for Guests at a Summer Wedding

wedding outfits: pink floral dress

dress // shrug // shoes // bag // watch 

Read on for more wedding outfit suggestions!


  • Oh yes totally agree with this post, especially with the jeans and think it’s important to stress that this applies to men too! I am always surprised that some men are so against suits (here at least this is really an issue though I don’t think it is so in the UK?).

    Anyways I love the hats you chose (so fun), the baby blue skirt is beautiful (I definitely need more baby blue in my wardrobe) and I think that mint suit is such a fresh take on the notion of wedding wear.

  • me and my best friend always joke (but not really- we just tell people it’s a joke so they don’t realise we’re crazy) about having a bridesmaid hand out ponchos to anyone inappropriately dressed at our weddings.

  • I love the floral dress you have put together with this whole outfit. Could you tell me where it is from please? I t would be perfect for a family wedding this summer.

    • I love the floral dress you have put together with this whole outfit. Could you tell me where it is from please? I t would be perfect for a family wedding this summer. My sister wedding is in June 2016. please I need to know where I can find this dress it is perfect.

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