Where to Find Shoes That Are Out of Stock

Almost as soon as I started this site, I also started receiving lots and lots of emails from people who were desperate to find a particular pair of shoes which they’d fallen in love with, only to discover that the shoes in question were last year’s stock, and sold out long ago.

I always feel bad for these people: I know only too well what it’s like to set your heart on something and not be able to find it, no matter how many times you type the product name into Google, and I really wish I was able to help them find those special shoes they so desperately want. I feel doubly bad, though, because the fact is, I can’t help them: unfortunately there is no magic place that shoes go to when they sell-out (Oh how I wish there was!), so if you’re looking for a certain style and can’t seem to find it, all I can do is point you in the following directions:

If the shoes are a designer brand…

… you have a much better chance of finding them. As well as checking the designer’s own website and the usual shoe-selling suspects like Net-a-Porter and Zappos Couture, you can also check out the larger department stores: if you’re in the US, that would be Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales, and if you’re in the UK, you’re going to want to hit up places like Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, etc: basically anywhere that carries high-end shoes is worth checking with if you’re really determined to find those shoes.

If the shoes are more than a season old, however, you’re probably going to draw a blank with these sources: I mean, let’s face it, if it was that easy, you wouldn’t be reading this, would you? So it’s time to check out some websites which sell past-season shoes. Step forward The Outnet, Yoox.com and Overstock.com.

If you live in the US, and have an outlet mall near you, you might also want to try Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off Fifth: I’ve seen some amazing bargains in both outlets for high-end designer footwear, most of which is past-season stock. Larger outlet malls will also often have outlet versions of other stores (Betsey Johnson, Aldo, Michael Kors, to name but a few), which are always worth a look.

If all else fails, look up the designer’s head office on Google, and put in a call. It’s a long-shot, but if you ask nicely, they may be able to help you track down what you’re looking for, or at least tell you which outlets or department stores stock their brand.

If the shoes are a high street brand…

… you have a much tougher job on your hands. Some high-street shoe brands do sell their footwear through department stores: for instance,  Miss Selfridge, Dune, Faith, Kurt Geiger, Carvela, LK Bennett and more are stocked by stores like Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser, while in the US, you’ll find brands like Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden etc in stores like Macy’s. This obviously isn’t an exhaustive list, though, so the first rule of thumb when trying to track down out-of-season shoes is to contact the brand directly. As with the designer shoes, above, they may not be able to produce the shoes you’re looking for, but they will at least be able to tell you which retailers carry their line, other than their own stores.

With other brands, however, you’re not going to find their shoes anywhere other than in their stores or on their website. Brands like Topshop and River Island fall into this category: you will ONLY ever find their shoes in their own stores, so you’ll need to proceed straight to the Last Chance Shoe Saloon, aka eBay. If you’re not sure whether the brand you’re looking for is stocked elsewhere: contact them – you’ll find their head office details on Google.

Another option for high street brands is the off-price retailer. In the UK, this is currently pretty much limited to TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in the US), but in the States you also have Marshalls and Ross for Less. Some people turn their noses up at these stores, and it’s true that they can feel a bit like a jumble sale, but I’ve had some amazing shoe finds in all three of them, and often spot shoes from past seasons which I’d long-since forgotten about. Here in the UK, I frequently find Dune, Faith, Moda in Pelle and Steve Madden shoes in TK Maxx, and I’ve spotted Nine West, more Steve Madden, Paris Hilton (the shoes, not the socialite) and more in Ross and Marshalls.

For both designer and high street, and when nothing else has worked…

… try eBay. I seem to spent a lot of time replying to emails about out of stock shoes with the words, “Dude: eBay“, but I’m going to say it again: eBay. (No, I’m not on commission.) When you’ve exhausted all other options (and actually, maybe even BEFORE you’ve exhausted all other options), eBay is your best bet when it comes to finding shoes that are no longer available anywhere else. Yes, you will have to hunt for them. You might have to wait for weeks, or even months, before a pair comes along in your size. You will have to compete with other people for them, and if they’re a very sought-after style, you may have to pay more than you bargained for – sometimes even more than the original retail price if it’s a very iconic shoe. You may even have to settle for someone else’s cast-offs.

When you’re absolutely desperate to find  a certain pair of shoes that are no longer available through the usual channels, though, eBay is your last chance of finding them. Over the years, I’ve had a fair bit of success with finding shoes on eBay, some of which were styles that had sold-out long ago, but which turned up on eBay unworn and still in their original box: one woman’s unwanted gift is another woman’s pair of dream shoes, it would seem, and this is why I currently have alerts set up for two pairs of boots that I really should have bought when I seen them in the store. One day I will find them. Probably. And if I don’t find them? Chances are I’ll find something else I like just as much.

Anyway, I hope this post will be of some use to those of you who come to me with past-season shoe quests, and will also go some way towards explaining why my answer to those questions is almost always going to be “eBay!”. If you have any other suggestions for places that stock older styles, by the way, please feel free to add them in the comments!


  • I have those green wedges with the roses on them! Except mine are black. That’s the first time I’ve seen a pair of shoes I actually own on this site. I feel special. 🙂

    And thanks for the info. I agree with trying outlet malls for a shoe you can’t find, they have some great deals and sometimes carry older styles. That’s where I go when I’m looking for a certain shoe.

  • I’m wondering about the Ebay thing. I’m quite hesitant about it, but sometimes I find gorgeous shoes. When we’re talking designer though, it’s still usually a lot of money. How do I know if they’re authentic? Is their a kind of insurance that Ebay gives? And is it a matter of ‘if it looks to good to be true, it usually is’??

    • Oh, good point: I should really have addressed this in the post!

      Personally, I only ever buy high street brands from eBay: there are just too many designer fakes out there, and it can be hard to tell what you’re getting from the photos on the auction, especially given that some unscrupulous sellers will use photos of the real shoes on the auction, and then send out a knockoff. Ebay doesn’t offer any kind of insurance, but if you’re paying through Paypal and a credit card you can try to claim the money back if there’s a problem with the sale, but it’s always going to be a risk, which is why I don’t buy anything high-value from eBay!

      With that said, I know lots of people who’ve bought designer shoes via eBay and been really happy with them. I think it’s a matter of a) really knowing your stuff concerning the shoe you’re looking for, and how to spot a fake and b) doing your research regarding the seller – there are lots of genuine sellers out there, and you can tell a lot from their feedback, or by Googling their username. With all of that said, if it’s genuine designer, it’s not going to be cheap, even on eBay. I get a lot of questions about sites selling fake Louboutin, etc, and I do think that a good rule of thumb is “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”!

  • Hi how are you? I´m following your blog and luv it I was wondering if you would be so kind to help me with uk shoe sizes question?. I ordered a pair of court shoes from Miss Seldfrige yesterday online and I would like to know how their shoe sizes fit like. I always order a 7uk which it is equivalent of 40euro (my size) from Asos and Topshop and no problem but I have been told M.Selfridge sizes fit bigger..?, please help thank you in advance!

    • It really depends on the shoe, and the shape of your feet, to be honest – I’ve always found Miss Selfridge shoes fairly true to size, but different styles will fit in different ways, and everyone has differently shaped feet : I think the only way to know for sure is to try them on, unfortunately – at least you can return them if they don’t fit!

  • Thank you sooo much! I´m a little more convinced that they will fit me ok, once more thank you so much for your kindness and fast response, take care and have a nice afternoon:)xoxo

    • I know the expert has already answered, but I thought I’d add in my two cents. When you buy shoes online it is very important to know your feet. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out. I have really weird feet and so I have to be careful with sizing. I’m normally an eight, but I have weirdly long and toes so if they have a open toe larger than an inch and a half (approximately), I like to go for a seven and a half, because otherwise my wonky toes slip down too much through the hole and the heel of my foot is coming out of the shoe every other step. However, for reasons I’m not quite sure of yet, for boots eight and a halves are more comfortable.

  • Don’t forget the importance of patience! I remember when I was hunting down Betsey Johnson’s Itsy pumps in blush. It took me almost a year to get them and they are still the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought, but I tell ya, when that package came in the mail it was so worth it.

    Now if I could just figure out how to find those pink cowgirl boots I stumbled over a couple months back…

  • Shoeaholics.com stock all Kurt Geiger and Nine West etc, often they’re ex-display but start at £19 so it’s worth there sometimes being a small scuff or two!

  • I’m so desperate to find Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane shoes in the shiny black leather – I have searched all the internet, even on eBay and I can’t find the shoe in that shiny black leather with silver buckles…

  • Hail Shoeperwoman!

    I have been searching (and searching) for a pair of booties I’d bought a couple of years ago (I know… I should have seized two pairs at the time but wasn’t forward thinking on that day)!

    My problem is that they are from a high-street store that stock shoes from a Spanish brand (Blue Monkey). On requesting their help (with photos of my now battered booties) was told they don’t work with this brand anymore. And was reluctant to share the brands main office information (?).

    I can’t seem to find a brand called Blue Monkey anywhere. Only getting blue ‘Monkey boots’ on the first 5 or so pages of google images! (or just blue monkeys… and a drinks label :{) Tried eBay. To no avail.

    I thought you might have some detailed search tactics that I can deploy on my ever going hunt?

    In anticipation,

  • Anyone have any ideas where to find possibly last season Betsey Johnson heels? I am looking specifically for the Part of Something Blue by Betsey Johnson Elsa heels in a size 8 or 8.5 in the Bordeaux color.

    Please help me if you can as these are my dream shoes for my wedding in August of this year!

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