Jimmy Choo Tolka metallic leather sandals

Jimmy Choo Tolka Jimmy Choo Tolka

Jimmy Choo ‘Tolka’, £495

Gold and black may be one of my all-time favourite colour combinations (for both shoes and clothes), but I think navy and gold might be even better.

I wear a lot of navy: not only does it work well with all of those nautical-themed outfits I like to bust out every summer, it’s also a little less harsh against my pale skin than stark black can be. I have tons of navy clothes, but navy shoes are a little harder to find for some reason, which is why this is my favourite of the three colourways these Jimmy Choo sandals come in. There’s also a black/gold version, you see, and a plain black one, but I think the navy is particularly nice, and it somehow has a very luxurious feel to it, which I guess is a good thing, given that these are £495.

As for the rest of the design, it’s understated, but no less stunning for that, with a “cage” style ankle strap, a thin gold stiletto heel, and an open toe. The heels are 4.5″, and the navy section is suede, which creates a nice contrast with the metallic leather.

What would you wear with these shoes?

For myself, I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to wear some of those navy dresses and skirts with shoes of the same colour, for once:

navy outfit

What to wear with navy and gold shoes?

skirt // top // jacket // bag 

Needless to say, I wouldn’t be wearing these exact items, because I don’t own any of them. I’d very much like to, though, especially the little corset style top. I used to fully subscribe to the old “never wear navy and black together” rule, but these days I actually think the two colours can look really good together, if done right.

What do you think of navy and black?

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  • I like navy, I think it’s slightly more glamorous at night time. I also like black, but as I’m pale skinned too, it can look a little harsh on me. Navy and gold is definitely a winning combination.

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