Schutz ‘Eliss’ Embellished Pumps

Schutz 'Eliss' Embellished Pumps


Schutz ‘Eliss’ Embellished Pumps, $240

Schutz is one of my favourite of the brands-I-don’t-yet-own-even-although-I-love-so-many-of-their-shoes, and I think these ‘Eliss’ pumps have to be one of my favourite of their designs. This month, anyway.

These have a glamorous, glitter-coated upper – which is actually much more subtle than those words suggest – and an equally glam crystal-covered toe. Add in a short, pointed toe, a curved side and a stiletto heel, and you have perfection in pump-form: and the answer to every ‘what to wear with a party dress’ problem the coming Christmas season could be about to present you with.

As if that’s enough, however, this season Schutz have also managed to create the perfect pair of ankle boots:

black ankle boots

Schutz is a brand I normally associate with sandals (particularly the very high, strappy kind you see all over Pinterest), but they do a great line in boots, too, and although these might not seem like much to write home about, I’ve noticed that most of the shoes and boots I wear to death seem to fall into that category, so there’s a lot to be said for the ‘simple but useful’ selections – they tend to make up most of our shoe collections after all, especially for those of us who don’t have a good excuse to wear evening shoes all the time!


black patent platform shoes

I recently found myself searching my closet for a pair of black patent platforms to wear with a certain dress – only to discover that I’d gotten rid of them in the last shoe cull, thinking I probably wouldn’t wear them again, as platforms had started to look a bit dated to me (and they were really old ones, to be fair). I guess that’s a lesson to never say ‘never’, though, because I’ve learned the hard way that getting rid of a pair of shoes is the easiest way to make me want to wear them again: d’oh! These ones are a little too expensive to be the perfect replacements, but I’ll keep looking!

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  • Like you wrote, when it comes to having and wearing heels the word “never” in most circumstances isn’t applicable. The Eliss embellished pumps are simply adorable party shoes with the classic styling of the pointed toe box.

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