Ballin pointed toe corsage shoe with red velvet bow

Sometimes when I’m choosing shoes to feature here on Shoeperwoman, I like to amuse myself by trying to anticipate what the reaction to them is likely to be. Today I’m anticipating two main things:

1. You’re going to hate the pointed toes.

2. You’re going to wonder if that’s some kind of internal organ sitting on top of them.

Well, I don’t hate the toes – I don’t really think such a large embellishment would work as well with a rounder shape – but boy, am I with you on point two. At first glance I wondered if it was a small intestine or something, and what on earth it was doing on a shoe, if so.

It’s actually a bow, though:

You see it now, don’t you?

What do you think of it, though? Is it too big? Just right? Would you wear it? If you would, I’m afraid you’re going to need either £419, or a pair of cheap black pumps and a swathe of red velvet, to customise them yourself. If you’re going for the first option, click here to buy them at Far Fetch!


  • I like them, can’t see the point as much because of the bow :F even then it’s not a really long point, if that makes sense… 😛

  • I want to like these, but the giant red thing doesn’t really work for me. If it was smaller, these could be very nice shoes!

  • I recently found a pair of pointy heels by BCBG that I have fallen in love with. Before that, I hated pointy toes. While the shoe above is a pretty shape and I dont mind the point, I do mind that horrible bow. And I am even a bow person!

  • For me your guesses were wrong on the first count and dead right on the second. I have no problem with pointy heels, in fact I’m growing to love them and find them to be the epitome of sophistication (so long as they are not out four inches in total eighties style). But yes, the bow looks like a kidney or something. It’s not that it’s too big, I have yet to see a bow on a shoe that is too big. It’s the asymmetrical shape of the bow combined with the fact that it is blood red. Had either of those factors been eliminated I’d probably be all over them. In fact, I’m picturing them in that same black but with the bow in a bright blue and it kinda works.

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